Now let's get one thing straight... We are NOT old enough to remember the Apollo Moon landings. But we are old enough to acknowledge it and the fascination with space that has always existed and the early 80s were no different. 

Astro Chase was initially a scrolling shoot 'em (we loved that syle of game in the early years) for the Atari 8-bit and first published in 1982.

Exidy even used if with their Max-A-Flex arcade cabinet. Classy. 

The threat to Earth of 16 Megamines that start at the end of the universe and then slowly make their way towards destroying Earth certainly kept the tension levels high during gameplay amd the fact the game had an endless loop of the 1812 Overture added more. 

It was so darn good at it's peak that it spent three months in Popular Computer World's top-ten list and became the first game to be awarded "Computer Game of the Month" by Dealerscop. There's a slice of history there as well.  

Anyway, what was your fave game that connected to space and exploration and the unknown Alien world in the 80s? Elite perhaps. Please discuss amongst yourselves. After all, that is one of the key reasons to do this, to start a conversation and invoke some of your greatest gaming memories once more. 

We will leave you with this C64 gameplay video of the mission to save Planet Earth Astro Chase style. #KeepingTheGameAlive


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