We have been so pleased with the reaction to our Level One limited edition range and we wanted to thank you again for your support.

All the initial designs are now available in our Shop from Size Small to 3XXX so we hope many more of you will join us on our journey.

We have shared elements of our story connected to our journey through many years of games and it has been a pleasure to receive your feedback and your memories.

Yes, we are listening and we hope to bring you many more designs and indeed that could be every month. So get your magic pocket money ready.

Please note that some of the requests we have received to date cannot yet be fulfilled due to our desire to maintain an officially licensed product route for our designs.

#KeepingTheGameAlive is a journey we will continue to be on together and we are excited that many IP owners have enjoyed what they have seen so far which means more will be arriving.

We will also work with you if there is a portfolio of IP you want us to design for which could be acquired at cost. If that is so, and we can get what you want, we may come back to Kickstarter to ask for your support again. We will see.

For now, we continue to design and we would love you to spread the word on what we are doing and get involved where you can.

Thanks to those who have already offered their support to design their own ideas as part of our range and that is something we are seriously considering as we evolve.


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