Did you play Monty on the Run?

July 1985 and the Miner's Strikes were all over the news so there as no surprise Monty caught our attention. 

We played on the C64 and as with many games of the moment, the soundtrack to the game. 

The music for this version (see video below) is still regarded as one of the best computer game scores for that platform. Yes, it was up there with Xenon and more. Really it was.

The main game them was rated #2 in Hardcore Gaming 101's Top 100 Western Video Game Music of all time. Yes, really....!!


Monty on the Run Officially Licensed Tee by Seven Squared #KeepingTheGameAlive

The game has a sense of British surrealness similar to the legendary games of Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy (yes we hope to have Tees soon) - in gameplay it is more similar to the latter

Monty was on the run from the authorities after his intervention in the Miners Strike, Monty must escape from his house and head for the Channel and freedom in Europe. So, not surprisingly, that was the inspiration for this Monty on the Run Tee Shirt design. 

In traditional platformer fashion, along the way he needs to collect various objects and solve puzzles to complete his escape.

Before the game, five objects must be chosen to form Monty's Freedom Kit. Choosing the wrong items will leave the player unable to pass certain screens.

Enjoy this video of the C64 version from 10 years ago. It certainly tells the story of the game pretty well.  

Let's continue on the journey, sharing moments and memories and designing together as we go. 

If you have an idea for a Tee design, please do let us know. Perhaps we can collaborate on some ideas and moments that mean a lot to you also. 

Together we are #KeepingTheGameAlive 


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