Hello everyone. 

As the build up to #SafeMentaliTEE 2021 in aid of Safe In Our World continues, there is probably nothing better than to get your hands on an official Safe In Our World piece of merchandise. 

Well, it is our pleasure to offer Men's and Ladies Tees AND Hoodies right now!

Not only are the Tees double sided, but we have Hoodies of a higher quality that also have logos front and back. 

Official Safe In Our World Tees and Hoodies (Double Sided Print) by Seven Squared

We are really excited about this year's #SafeMentaliTEE as we have so much going on. 

We cannot guarantee delivery in time for the event itself but we will do our best. 

These will continue to be available. 

We hope you will enjoy wearing and sharing your retrogaming memories and their significance to your own mental health journey over the weekend of June 18-20 2021. 

Thanks for being part of the evolving story #KeepingTheGameAlive