When you want to do something officially, you need to go through various steps.

There are many but we believe it will be worth it.

One of the more exciting processes beyond getting your designs approved is final sampling for the quality of Tee we want you to be able to experience from us.

A couple of weeks ago we ran off a sample of each design for a special reason to get our graphics in the hands of a retrogamer media legend.

Who that was will become clear in the coming days.

Those were not the final quality we will be offering to you to purchase but were a way of seeing our great designs come alive for the first time and share them with someone special.

Only you will be able to order the final products later this month and in to August.

We are sure you will not be disappointed with what we deliver and we are excited about additional brands we are signing and the designs we will be offering to you.

The retrogamer community is amazing and it is wonderful to be an official part of it.

Thanks so much for the warmth we have received to date.

#xenon #speedball #bitmapbrothers

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