It is with huge excitement, we can confirm that the legendary designer POPeART has agreed to have his logo on a Tee in support of Safe In Our World and for us to put it live in our store during the build up to #SafeMentaliTEE 2021. 

#SafeMentaliTEE 2021 takes place on the weekend of June 18-20 2021. 

We have been and will be inviting the retrogaming community to share and wear their fave Tees that connect to their journey and what those games/characters/music/moments have meant for their mental health. 

POPeArt #SafeInOurWorld Tee for #SafeMentaliTEE Weekend June 18-20 2021

As a supporter of the charity and a keen advocate for the mental health message and the importance of community, it is amazing to have this collaboration available for this year's #SafeMentaliTEE. 

The Tee is available now and I am pretty sure there will be more to come in terms of collaborations with him over the coming months etc. 

Watch this space. 

If you would like to know more about #SafeMentaliTEE, you can find out more here: #SAFEMENTALITEE IS BACK ON THE WEEKEND OF JUNE 18-20 2021 – SEVEN SQUARED

Thanks again for supporting what we are trying to achieve here at Seven Squared and to support this amazing charity.



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