With the new European football season upon us, we had the release something that connected to one of the many great soccer games we played. 

Now we loved Sensible Soccer and many more but it was the football management market that grew on us in the mid nineties.

Yes, as per our social media engagements this week, we would love to design for Sensible Soccer and we hope that day will come in due course.  

So leaping forward 10 years from where the sharing of our retrogaming journey began from 88' to 98', seemed entirely reasonable. 

So we have...

It is interesting that we have avoided football so far as we did actually spend a lot of time playing football games!

Too many to mention really but we will be sharing more of them as the journey continues.

So what made Premier Manager 98' so special?

Well, to start with, it was just an update to Premier Manager 97' but it was a great and needed update. It also kept all the elements we loved from the Amiga and Atari days.   

But the main thing for us about the franchise around this time was the fact that for the first time, it gave the player the option to coach a Premiership team from the start! 98' just was better than 97' for us as bugs were ironed out, squads were updated, and..... Well, that was about it. But we loved it. 

It was also the last game of the Series to achieve moderate success and positive reviews in the series. 

We played for hours on the Sony PlayStation in 1997 and at a time when the Premiership aka The Premier League was in its early years, it was great to be able to engage in a management game like this. 

So, that is why it is on our journey. 

Oh, and with it being almost impossible to give a "vibe" of a football management game in a short video, here is another pic. Did you like this game and was it part of your journey? If it was, please buy the Tee and be part of #KeepingTheGameAlive

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