When on any gamer journey, there are often developer and/or publisher brands that made you, let's say, a little more excited than others.

Throughout our 30 plus years of playing and enjoying games, we would often look out for some and what they might be bringing to the market next and why.

This is one of those retrogamer conversations that always is enlightening as everyone seems to have a different perspective, often driven by their generation or the platform they played their games on.

For us, naturally some of them connect to the journey we have shared so far and we there are many more.

Having been able to design and release officially licensed apparel for games like Speedball, Xenon, Skool Daze, California Games, Pitstop, Boulder Dash, Magic Pockets and more so far, we have to acknowledge the brands behind the games.

Don't we?

What developer or publisher brand did you always look out for the most and which game franchises led you to always check out what they were creating next?

Did you have a coder you followed? Some of us did.

After all, their names WERE the names of many of the icons of yesteryear.

Games were often coded by one guy in their bedroom.

Yes, it still happens but back then there were some big names and we would watch where their careers would end up.

Do we still do that?

Anyway, we try to limit our blog posts so you begin to enjoy the thought process and enable you to remember your own retrogamer journey and join the conversation.

It's all good...

Thanks for continuing to engage with us as we continue #KeepingTheGameAlive

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