Well what can we say about the Epyx range of games that has not been said already?

During the late 70s mid 80s and beyond the Epyx logo was synonymous with a portfolio of games that we will never forget. 

The brand and games are firmly cemented as one of the core elements of the early years of playing games on multiple consoles and this continues to this day. 

The end of the original Epyx company may not have been all that glamourous but the memories we have and are now sharing from our journey are ones which we all remember. 

Therefore it is only right that we align to some of our early levels of the journey by designing a couple of Tees with the Epyx logo emblazoned right across them. 

We hope you like them. The Epyx 3D and Epyx Logo Tees are available now. 

Having already designed for Pitstop and California Games amongst others forthcoming, the vibe we get when thinking back to the times playing these games is beyond special. 

California Games remains one of our faves ever from the Epyx portfolio so enjoy reminiscing with this video that takes you through the journey of that game on the C64. 

See if you still have the patience to wait for this to load as opposed to fast forwarding the video... Its hard! What patience we had....

Thanks for the ongoing support and please do keep buying the limited edition Tees from the journey so we can keep investing in the next phase, whether that is back prior to 1989 or beyond. Where will the levels take us next? 

The journey is long but very rewarding for the mind... It is... We love #KeepingTheGameAlive

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