In the early to mid 1980s while playing on the Atari platforms with friends, we came across a game called Boulder Dash which we played for hours. 

Do you know, when we talk about playing games for hours, we realise how much of our life we played games for... It is actually quite scary but also very cool as it enables us to share that journey with like minded #retrogamers across the globe. 

Well, the publisher of said Boulder Dash, not just then but for many iterations on multiple hardware platforms thereafter and guardian of Rockford was First Star Software. 

We are so pleased to have already been able to add Boulder Dash to our early levels of our Tee designs and now First Star Software as one of our first developer/publisher icons of our journey. 

When looking for a video, as we do for these blog posts, we were so pleased when we came across this footage of the Boulder Dash game on the Atari VCS/2600. Lovely!

First Star Software were developers and publishers of some other classic game experiences of the time and we are designing for a couple right now.

Did you enjoy Boulder Dash or have another experience with a great First Star Software game?

Please join not only the conversation but the journey and get on board with our Tee designs as we continue #KeepingTheGameAlive

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Spy Vs Spy was a fantastic game when it came out. I remember this on the ZX Spectrum. A First Star game in a cardboard box, which always ended up wrecked!


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