Either side of the early to mid 90s, we ended up playing a bunch of games from Gremlin Interactive. 

Therefore we had to have one of our favorite original logos in our initial Icons Collection. Order your Gremlin logo Tee and join the journey. 

We went for the logo used on Amiga games as we wanted to rebalance our look when it comes to our Icons and the platforms we engaged with them on. 

Gremlin games are often some of those that are somewhat "invisible" to memory of many but when you start to discuss them they start to resonate again. 

We hope to be able to bring you a steady stream of designs from some of the games we enjoyed playing throughout the late 80s and 90s. Keep am eye out for a few of those as we continue the journey.  

We are not the only ones who enjoyed Gremlin games and as ever, Kim Justice's Gremlin Top 20 Games summary is as good as any.

So enjoy watching her video below. Do you agree with these choices? Did you have others?  

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