No matter what age you are, there are certain iconic developer brands that just make you really reminisce about the good times when you used to play hour after hour. 

Some of us still do play these and other similar retrogames over and over, but some developer brands just brought you a range of games that were just perfect for the moment. 

The Bitmap Brothers collection is certainly one of those. 

Whether it was Xenon, Speedball, Gods, Z and many more, each of them had great qualities both for the time but also in comparison to many games of today.

You will already have seen our love for these games via our initial Level One Launch collection which focussed on Xenon, Speedball, Xenon II Megablast and Speedball Brutal Deluxe. 

Their games also appeared on so many of the greatest early platforms from the Atari ST and Amiga through to the Gameboy, PC and many more.  

Kim Justice eloquently summarised the range in this great video from late 2017. 

So, we are pleased to release the iconic Bitmap Brothers logo within our first ICONS collection and you can order yours now in our store. 

What iconic developer brands or game designers get you talking and why were they a key part of your journey?

Please join us on the journey and share your thoughts and memories here and on other social media channels. 

Finally, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support. In order to keep designing we will need to keep sharing great designs with you that we hope you will buy. 

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Love the official Bitmap Brothers merchandise.
If you’re open to suggestions, a hoodie and a T-shirt with just a small bitmap hand (no name) on the breast and a large print of the same on the back would look brilliant.

Lee Robertson

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