Thanks for the VIP registrations and opinions that have been given to date.

You will be able to get more involved in decisions as a community over time.

We will share ideas, designs and more with you over time, and you will be able to influence what we release, not only first, but over time.

When I were a lad, there were many games that I spent hours playing as we all did.

Countless hours playing games after school, before school and perhaps sometimes during school.

Hmmm.... Register as a VIP and you may influence if this design comes to life.

Most of us remember our Skool Daze and this game was an icon of it's time.

Fancy owning an officially licensed limited edition T-Shirt that harkens back to your fun playing Skool Daze?

Well, maybe you should join as a VIP and get involved with Seven Squared?

We will be delivering many limited edition officially licensed products for game brands that all have a special place in out hearts.

Finally, we will continue saying it, thanks again for all the support and comments.

We just went over 200 likes on our Twitter page and we would like to invite you all to Like our Facebook page as well.

Notices on what we are doing may end up there so please join in.


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