It was 1984 and we were still enjoying the initial levels of our evolving Retrogaming journey.

Blimey, that is 35 years ago, that must mean we need to bring a few more anniversary designs to the store this year...

Don't worry, we will and here is one we will be designing for in due course.

Yes, it is Impossible Mission!

This was a perfect blend of joystick waggling dexterity (especially when avoiding the terrifying spheres of floaty-electric-death), and also tricky puzzles (many had problems with the final password-piece assembly).

Although its premise of searching furniture (to find those elusive passwords) and avoiding robots may sound nauseatingly simple, it made for a game, which was easy to get into but difficult to put down.

Although ported to several other systems, for us the C64 original is still the best version.

There were certainly elements of this game that were Impossible but have you ever played a game that has an Impossible Mission? Something that frustrated or infuriated you? For us there were many but you will have some for sure. 

As with all our blog posts, we do not only want to remember the games on our journey but start a discussion that aligns to it. So there you go.. Discuss and continue #KeepingTheGameAlive

Enjoy this long play video which takes you through the game:

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