Retrogame birthdays and anniversaries come around every day now?

Yes they do! Too many, I hear you say.

Well no, not for us. Never....

You see, every one of these birthdays and / or anniversaries is unique and special to someone.

You may not have played every game that bounces up on your retrogamer timeline each day but the immediate memories invoked by the ones you did, will never leave you.

The connections you made to that game, that sound, that character, the friends you played with and more are timeless.

Each and every one of them is special in their own way and each must be celebrated as they come along.

Our journey, just like yours is unique and special and the games we played, the fun we created together, are some of the most special.

Throughout our retrogaming escapade we will look to share the moments that matter to us and hopefully continue to demonstrate how much we care by continuing to evolve our unique moments and sharing them with you.

Maybe we will design for moments you share with us too. Do you like that idea?

Not only do we love an opportunity to celebrate a retrogamer or two, we love to eat cake as well...

We like this cake from 2012. Certainly is a great piece of Retrocake and a piece of hardware that was definitely on our journey and we want to design for it too.

One day...

WATCH to see it in all its glory. 

Anyway, you will see us reference birthdays and anniversaries from time to time and we may well throw in a birthday collection or two from time to time.

Thanks for all your engagement to date and please do keep in contact with us both here and on our social channels.

Share your special moments that you remember on your retrogamer journey and who knows what else we can celebrate together.

New design news on the games we are creating for will be posted in various places from time to time.

Remember, together we are #KeepingTheGameAlive

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