Now, we all did our fair share of dungeon crawling game experience back in the day, but one which is proving popular again today is Rogue.

As we continue the journey we thought we would pop back in time to another Epyx moment of note.

When this game emerged, it changed the world of fantasy gaming forever! Yes it did.

Randomly generated rooms meant that each journey into the infamous Dungeons of Doom was unique.

The potent combination of random generation with perma-death proved to be intoxicating, and the game was so influential it spawned an entire genre: "Rogue-likes".

You take control of a character as they explore several levels of a dungeon as they seek the Amulet of Yendor located in the dungeon's lowest level.

Not surprising our Tee design connects to this moment. After all, there was no better final moment in this game.

Rogue was fun and with a turn based mechanic was also fun with friends.

As a game design, it was inspired by text-based computer games such as the 1971 classic Star Trek game together together the ever enjoyable fantasy elements from Dungeons and Dragons.

As the Tee journey continues in to 2021 you’ll see an ever growing mix of memories and moments that we are sure you’ll continue to enjoy.

Nostalgia and retrogaming a it’s best.

Now, enjoy going back in time with a video of Rogue in action.

Stay well and please keep supporting us. Every Tee we sell supports games industry mental health charity Safe In Our World.

Together we will continue #KeepingTheGameAlive

Anyway, enjoy a video that takes you back in time to the Atari ST version of Rogue... 

Even better, play the NEW Version on STEAM now...

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