It was 1995 and an epic game joined the journey. WORMS! 

Worms is a series of artillery based tactical video games developed by British independent developer and games label Team17 and were noted for their cartoony animation and extensive use of surrealism and slapstick humour. Not surprisingly we loved it. Including the Angry Scots!

In these games, small platoons of anthropomorphic worms battled each other across a deformable landscape with the objective being to become the sole surviving team.

Launched in Europe for the Amiga on October 1995, the franchise grew exponentially and remains massively popular today. 

One week we bring you a Hogs of War Tee and another we bring you a Worms Tee! Aren't we awesome retrogamers?

Anyway, Worms saw early ports to many other platforms including Atari Jaguar, Game Boy, Macintosh, MS-DOS, PlayStation, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Saturn and Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

It continues to today with amazing success on mobile and download platforms.  

What makes this Tee special is that, not only is it an epic design but 100 percent of profits go to Safe In Our World

Officially launched in 2019 on World Mental Health Day, Safe In Our World is an accredited charity supported by games industry luminaries, veterans and ambassadors across the world. Its mission is to create an online destination where people can seek help, gain access to resources and information, and discover stories from real people within and surrounding the games industry.

We passionately believe in Safe In Our World’s mission to help anyone among our gaming community in need of support and understanding. We’re thrilled to see those same values are shared by Team 17, and we appreciate backup from the iconic Worms franchise – a true gaming classic, established in 1995.

All our Tee sales contribute to the charity's mission but this Tee is even more special as all profits go to Safe In Our World’s campaign to raise mental health awareness in the games industry and among gamers around the world.

Now, please enjoy the image of the Tee, which you can buy now, and furthermore we encourage you to watch the Intro and Cut Scenes from the 1995 Worms game in the below video. 

Stay well all and please continue to be nice to each other. 

#KeepingTheGameAlive #MentalHealth #BeKind

 Worms Tee - Safe In Our World Edition by Seven Squared #KeepingTheGameAlive


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