On the weekend of November 20/21/22 we are inviting the whole retrogamer and gamer community to come together to talk mental health. 

Specifically, to discuss their gaming journey and the positive impacts certain games, moments, characters and people have had on their mental health. 

The weekend will see numerous streamers, influencers and gamer fans from this wonderful community interacting from Friday through Sunday. 

There is no set agenda or timing to the weekend and it will remain very fluid. This will give anyone and everyone the chance to get involved in the conversation.  

Just use the hashtag #SAFEMENTALITEE and tag us @SquaredSeven on Twitter and @SevenSquaredOfficial on Instagram. Even better, do it wearing one of our Tees.. You don't have to if you do not have one. Share any Tee you have that connects to your journey.

To support the work of games industry mental health charity Safe In Our World we invite you to purchase one or more of our amazing retrogaming journey Tees (20% off all weekend using code SAFETEE) or just donate what you can via the following link:


As soon as we hit £100, £200, £300 on our fundraising page we will give away a free Tee. So donate to be in with a chance of winning one of those. 

Let's see how much we can raise for this wonderful cause. 

Please note, there are various influencers (many listed below) trying to shift Tees over the weekend and they all have codes they will be pushing. So do not get confused. You can support the person with their message around a SAFEMENTALITEE which you connect with the most if you like by using their code when you buy a Tee. 

We will share details of the total raised once we have collated Tee sales data after the weekend. It may take us a few days to get to a total. 

Finally, a quick mention to just a few of those involved by way of sharing their Twitter handles.

Please give them a follow:

AGM - All Gaming Matters https://twitter.com/a_gmofficial?s=21

Anthony Under Rev https://twitter.com/anthonyunderrev?s=21

Aravelle https://twitter.com/aravelle?s=21

Arcade Attack https://twitter.com/arcadeattackuk?s=21

Beanhed https://twitter.com/beanhed81?s=21

Captain Withington https://twitter.com/ewithingtons?s=21

Chazie https://twitter.com/blueberrimoon?s=21

Colonel Falcon https://twitter.com/colonelfalcon?s=21

Daniel Major and Retro Collect https://twitter.com/guyfawkesretro?s=21

Dan The Mega Driver https://twitter.com/swooper_d?s=21

Doc Brooke https://twitter.com/ebphipps?s=21

Digital Doc Games https://twitter.com/digitaldocgames?s=21

Darksonic22 https://twitter.com/darksonic22?s=21

Hitch on Twitch https://twitter.com/hitchontwitch?s=21

Jinjar https://twitter.com/jinjar247?s=21

JPS Switchmania https://twitter.com/jpswitchmania?s=21

Johnny Bull https://twitter.com/jboneds?s=21

Kim Justice https://twitter.com/kimxxxjustice?s=21

Lara Jackson (Gamebyte) https://twitter.com/bylarajackson?s=21

Larry Bundy Jnr https://twitter.com/larrybundyjr?s=21

Mental Health Gaming https://twitter.com/mentalhealthga2?s=21

Nostalgic Gamer https://twitter.com/16bitnostalgia?s=21

Rage Darling  https://twitter.com/ragedarling?s=21

RetroBoy Jon https://twitter.com/retroboyjon?s=21

Retrofix https://twitter.com/retrofixuk?s=21

Richard Breslin https://twitter.com/solidus5nake?s=21

Robs Game Shack https://twitter.com/robsgameshack?s=21

Rosie T

Scumm and Villainy https://twitter.com/scummandv?s=21

Since Spacies https://twitter.com/sincespacies?s=21

SupernerdsUK https://twitter.com/snukgaming?s=21

Trista Bytes https://twitter.com/tristabytes?s=21

UK NES Boy https://twitter.com/uknesboy?s=21


Thanks again and please do keep talking and looking out for each other in the virtual and real worlds of gaming. 

Together we are #KeepingTheGameAlive