We are pleased to announce the first of a new type of collaboration....

We are proud to bring you the first "X Seven Squared" apparel initiative where we have teamed up with another industry company of the journey playing computer games. 

We have chosen 3 epic games from the journey to start this collaboration and it will be up to you guys to help us see if we can do more. 

So, here they are... SOCKS. Not just any socks either. These are special!


California Games (Click Game Name (left) to Purchase - external site):

The Way of the Exploding Fist (Click Game Name (left) to Purchase - external site):

Hogs of War (Click Game Name (left) to Purchase - external site):


Available in under 50 units each. These are exclusive for Christmas and we hope you will like them. If they go well, we will get more made. 

These are also not any old pair of cheap socks. We do not do that at Seven Squared!

These are a premium quality ultra comfortable sock that took over a year to develop with our collaboration partner at Venture.

Constructed with a mix of Polyester / Spandex and a soft terry sole. They also have a reinforced heel and toe!

Go and tell those kids and wives etc what you want and get them ordered. 

If you are a business or creative and have an idea for a collaboration of any scale as part of the evolving story being told, please do get in touch via our social media channels or email us. 

Thanks for the continued support as we continue #KeepingTheGameAlive 


PLEASE NOTE: Discount codes that can traditionally be used from affiliates and others are NOT applicable on these products. Others may be available at Venture Socks but we do not manage that site. 


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They look Amazing! Loving my California Games one! Seven Squared Team are a talented bunch! Cheers to everyone there!


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