When you look back at the success of the Bitmap Brothers and the games that come to mind, you often turn to the likes of Speedball and Xenon. 

However, Steel Soldiers / Z: Steel Soldiers was one of those that, even if you did not play it, you understood why people did.

I mean who didn’t want to take control of an army of robots. 


It seems entirely appropriate to bring this epic game and character up the journey now, being that it is 20 years since it first appeared.

However, as with some of the games of this time, development wasn’t just about the game experience (which some also didn’t like) but the tech progression that this game gave the developers and how critical it was for subsequent more acclaimed games.

For us, we dabbled with this game but the comic book style with engaging strategy play set in the future, was just right for the time.

A franchise that has returned on numerous occasions and will again soon....

A video we quite like is this one.. Sums it all up quite nicely. 

What are your memories of this franchise and did you have a moment or character that resonates more than any other?

We hope you are enjoying to a journey and continuing to like how we are sharing it with you. 

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