"Dragons first! That's all I can tell you". 

Yes, it was all dragons in 1998 and beyond. Spyro was special.

This game we so good and it got better. 

For us it was a period on the originally briefly in 1998 but loved it. 

Thanks to our latest collaboration, we are able to bring you this new chapter of the story to you. 


Spyro The Dragon

In the early days of Spyro, he was actually the mascot for Sony PlayStation, so he is that cool.

The original game was the best (we did not play them all), but we did enjoy when he turned up in a couple of Crash Bandicoot games. 

What we love about some chapters of the story are the way in which characters came to be and perhaps we have not covered that enough. 

So, here we will. 

Did you know that Spyro, as a concept, was originally brought up by Insomniac in-house artist Craig Stitt, who had an interest in dragons?.

In very early development, Spyro was depicted as green! Yes, green but fortuitously the developers noted that he would blend into the grass too much. Indeed so!

Green would not have worked well for other reasons, not least the other green reptile characters in the genre at the time such as Gex and Croc.

They were also on the same console at the time so another colour was certainly needed, to differentiate Spyro from these other legendary characters. They however are not quite as legendary as Spyro now are they? Not quite.

Anyway, in early 1997, Spyro's purple colour was chosen, due to it contrasting well with greens and other colours commonly found in various environments.

Did you know that? If you like elements of the story like this, we will happily share more throughout other blog posts. 

The journey continues. 

Let's finish the post for this chapter of the story with the way we started. The gameplay from 1998 all the way through to 2018. 

Thanks for being part of the journey, wearing and sharing the greatest moments and what those mean to our mental health over the years. 

Every item sold supports games industry mental health charity Safe In Our World

Together we are #KeepingTheGameAlive!

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