This summer has proved interesting for us as we think back through our #retrogaming journey, not least because of the hard work we have been putting in to what is coming later this year and in to 2020. 

Anyway, less waffle please.. Get to the point. 

So, we have not ventured in to the late 90s much until recently when we shared our love for Premier Manager 98, so we thought we would share another one which has alternative summer connotations. 

20 years ago (Anniversary!) we were actually enjoying Pool Shark. No, that is not just being one in the pool on holiday (although that is a pretty good reason as to why to buy this Tee if you do not know what this game is or was).

Anyway, less waffle please. Lol..

Watch this video. The vibe of this pool game is what appealed to us so much and it played really well also. That outfit! Not one we would wear!

Pool was one of those sports that kind of peaked around this time. A time when Snooker was also very popular on consoles etc. What ever happened to that hey? 

Did you have a favourite Pool game? Please do join in the conversation and tell us which pool game was your fave. 

This one is certainly a little more random than some of our games on the journey, but they are all have their place. 

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