In the spring of 1987, Epyx was the American games industry’s great survivor, the oldest company still standing this side of Atari.

Just like then, we cannot wait for the Summer to arrive. In the UK, it kind of felt like it was going to arrive really early a few weeks ago but perhaps it will now...

Anyway, that led us to think how we could throw in one of our favourite games from our journey that makes us think of the Summer at Level 2?

Easy choice and boy did California Games do that Summer justice back then.

With many of the Game Development Community over in San Francisco this week, it also seemed rather apt to add this to our apparel journey at this time.

Weather seems rather nice there at the moment.

A game that could be played across Amiga, Amstrad, CPC, Apple II, Atari ST, C64, DOS, NES and more, we were not the only ones to dream of CA during the Summer of 1987.

Not that we saw a great deal of it! Not many knew it at the time but this was pretty much as good as it got for Epyx as a business as well. Half-Pipe, FootBag, Surfing and more, this was actually a lot of fun and a great success at the time.

If you want a great place to relive some of the action, you should check out the C64 Wiki  

Enjoy the short videos on the right of the screen there.. We certainly did. Once again, sounds in the 8bit days were soooo cool. Enjoy this video which includes the intro and a walkthrough of gameplay. Oh memory lane indeed...


Loving #KeepingTheGameAlive 

So, yes, we are busy designing our first California Games limited edition apparel for Level 2 of our journey, so keep an eye on our Blog and our social channels for more details soon.


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