1991 the arcade was becoming something of a hobby (other distractions arriving also) on particular days and the desire to shoot things led to Sunset Riders.

A highly enjoyable side scroller gun shooter with a classic Western theme where you took control of a bounty hunter who is seeking the rewards offered for various criminals.


Sunset Riders Officially Licensed Tee by Seven Squared and Urban Species

If you were lucky you’d find the 4 player version which was epic. The two player was ok. 

It was a little cheesy in places but on the whole an enjoyable side scrolling experience at a time when cowboys were perhaps not as popular as they once were in the younger years. 

You can tell by the manga-style character design that Sunset Riders is a Japanese game, but the game’s designers obviously love American Westerns (ie. old movies about cowboys) because the situations in this game pay tribute to them throughout.

One minute you’re jumping over cattle stampeding towards you; the next you’re galloping along on a horse trying to shoot chasing riders and jump over logs. Just like in the movies: when someone throws a stick of dynamite at you, you’ve got a short while to grab it and throw it back at them, before the fuse burns down and it explodes. There’s even a ‘shooting gallery’ style bonus stage, because it’s the law that all cowboy video games must have one…

Later ported successfully to the Megadrive, SNES, Playstartion and more it has been a game loved by many with multiple memories to share. 

This was a really cool cabinet design also, and as these are the inspiration behind the arcade range, we had to get the logo on the tee somewhere. 


Finally, we thought you’d enjoy a fill of gameplay to finish off the post.

So shoot em up kid! 


Remember, every Tee we sell in part supports the great work of video games mental health charity Safe In Our World

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