20 years ago, the classic Hogs of War had been released. 

The game was set in World War One and your objective was to dominate your team of pigs over another's.

The timing of this game was significant, as was it's success with many fans, because it came out around the time that Worms and Command and Conquer were beginning to dominate the charts.

Hmm, a Worms Tee! Now there is an idea.

Anyway, as turn based games go at this time, especially on the PlayStation 1, this was really up there and was immensely enjoyable.  

Also quite poignant looking back on this game as so many great elements were narrated by the great Rik Mayall. Many of which you can listen to on multiple YouTube videos.  

Rik was a lover of the game and the central to the comedy within it. A comedy genius who is very much missed.  

Anyway, as with most of our designs going forward from now, you will have a selection of colours to choose from. One of which, is Military Green, which works very well with this design.

Were you Born to Grill? 

If you want to reminisce over this game, we can recommend spending some time watching the below video which brings back wonderful memories from not only the game but a key time in the PlayStation 1 era. 

Isn't this fun? #KeepingTheGameAlive by designing and wearing the best moment from the journey playing the best games. 


Hogs of War - Piggy Warfare at the double. Attention!


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