Temple of Apshai is considered one of the first graphical role-playing games for home computers.

I wasn’t old enough to play the original version but stumbled across it in 1985 when it was bundled in an trilogy of games known as Dunjonquest. 



It was a time of exploration of multiple styles of games and when role playing games we’re really taking off.

Whether it was exploring games or game books, role playing was really gaining traction everywhere.

This was about the time when Fighting Fantasy books were also part of the daily routine so this wasn’t escapism to the max.

Add to that the burgeoning of Indiana Jones, this adventure based exploration of mysterious ruins was right on point for the vibe of the time.

Prior to getting in to the game, it has already been a massive success for the time, so there was positive opinion about the game already in place. 

Looking back, you needed a lot of patience for these games but as above, it was on point for the time and even with slow loading, it was engaging.

We hope you like the tee design which, not surprisingly was inspired by the cover art. 

Epyx games had such brilliant cover art....



We always add a video to our posts about the games from the journey where we can, so enjoy this. One of the best earliest dungeon role play games. 

Once again, a piece of gaming history that many will not care for, as such, but one that we do and also because of its significance within this particular genre. 

Enjoy another epic C64 loading screen for this one...


We hope your are continuing to enjoy the journey as we move through 2021 #KeepingTheGameAlive.