When we look back on early Arcade days, there were a plethora of games which took our hard earned 10p coins. Contra was another one. 

Here is the story behind this, because there is one for this Tee... And it is the characters that matter...

It was Midnight on September 12th 2631 and radar commanded by the Marines caught a small-size meteorite that was approaching Earth. The meteorite fell 20km north-east of New Zealand at the gal mosquito archipelago. 

Two years later, in December 2633, an intruder known as Red Falcon was occupying the Gal Mosquito Archipelago and was planning the fall of mankind. Command ordered a confidential investigation at the enemy's front base.

The marine post ordered two "Contra" Soldiers Private First Class Bill Rizer and Private First Class Lance Bean to penetrate the insides of the enemy, destroy the front base and the entire centre of operation. Bill and Lance are sent to the Gal Mosquito Archipelago and off we go.....

One or two players then must travel through eight stages six side-scrolling stages and two behind-the-back stages. Along the way players can collect additional weapons such as a machine gun, a shotgun, a laser gun, a flamethrower, etc.


Seven Squared X Urban Officially Licensed Contra Tee #KeepingTheGameAlive

Enjoy a Contra play through which are sure you will like having set the scene so well above. 

See, even in 1987, things were cool and these guys were even cooler....

We appreciate all the love for what we are trying to achieve but it really is a passion play we want to become a real business. 

For that we need sales and any word of mouth support you can offer. 

Please keep mentioning us and giving us a shout. 

It is all in the best possible taste. 

Thanks for being on the journey with us and let's keep wearing and sharing as we all continue #KeepingTheGameAlive.   




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