When you look back on the #retrogaming journey, it wasn't just the ZX Spectrum, Vic 20, C64, Amiga and more that countless hours were spent on. 

Countless hours were spent in the Arcade along with vast amounts of pocket money. 

Oh my... The memories are endless.

This is SO much fun..

Anyway, the arcade will begin to make its way in to the Tee journey this week!

We will also be starting with one of those early arcade experiences that is never forgotten and in fact one which lives to this day as quite a legend. 

We will not say which one, but there is a clue in the picture. Come on, it's easy. We even added part of it to the title of this post.

What was your first arcade game experience?

We have so many, even though getting some of the rights will be a little difficult for us.

Anyway, we will share more tomorrow!

In the meantime, please join the conversation both here and in our social channels as we continue #KeepingTheGameAlive