This year is a very special year. Yes, every year in Retrogaming is special, but.. 

It is 25 years since the original Commodore 64 left us. Yes, it really is. 

Well, the good news is that it is making a return as THEC64 Mini and we decided to mark this occasion by designing something that is very special to us and which connects to THE C64 Mini which will be available this December!

We cannot wait to play games on THE C64 Mini which will have an ability to play some of the best VIC20 games as well. 

We have already covered why we loved the original Commodore 64, an iconic piece of hardware in one of our previous blog posts but now that it is making another return, it is worth highlighting it again. But in the first instance, not because of the hardware itself but the joystick. 

THE C64 Mini will be released with a great joystick and this Tee, available now is inspired by the iconic Competition Pro. A legend since its launch in the 80s. It could be found in millions of households throughout the world and delighted its users. For anyone like us who loved their Amiga, Commodore 64 and more, the characteristic "clicking" of the joystick was awesome, And the Fire buttons.. Oh the joy. And the damage we caused.

Not that it is all about damage but we enjoyed the below video a while back from Dan Wood with a bit of Golden Axe.

Yep, we gave it some stick. Thanks to Daley Thompson and the like. But the joy was probably unrivalled. OK, maybe the Quickshot ran it close. 

Anyway, the conversation continues and we hope you will support us by purchasing this great design. Together we are #KeepingTheGameAlive

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