As the journey continues and we share our memories through our designs with you, we have begun to build the conversation in a number of ways.

After all, #KeepingTheGameAlive only evolves with wider engagement. Right? 

The Retrogaming community is such a wonderful one to be involved with and every day opens up new discussions. 

And the great news is, they will never end because every year someone remembers another game or games they played when on their own journey.

The conversations will go on forever as there are always games to enjoy and reminisce over.

Now every conversation needs more than one voice and we understand that as the journey evolves there will be questions of us and what we are undertaking and where we may go next and why.

There are also discussions over designs, colours, styles and more and we are going to try our best to listen and adapt as we go.

What that means is we will aim to add colours, change styles, deliver choices and hopefully surprises too.

But please bear with us as we are still evolving and learning as we go. We therefore appreciate your patience.

Now, one of those requests was to add this colour to our Officially Licensed Toe Jam and Earl design which we brought you for their Funkothon a few weeks back.

It was actually Larry Bundy that asked about this colour, so we hope to see it on him soon.

Thanks again and please do continue your engagement with us throughout our social channels.  

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