In 1991, alien rappers crash-landed on Earth! Yes, they did... And what fun we had with them...

Remember, it was the original version for us and at the time we loved it and it received some critical acclaim. Rightly so...

We had to get a design for it in to our retrogaming journey and it is now here with Level 3 loading.... This toe tapping design is now AVAILABLE. 

They were best Rapmaster and Funklord from another planet you would ever meet...

Oh the music of 1991.....

The soundtrack, humour and the competitive play, meant it was an enjoyable experience collecting all those bits of their spaceship and more.

Loved playing 2 player and the jokey engagements with your fellow player.

Seeing Toe Jam and Earl as Sega mascots at the time was also pretty cool. It was also one of those games that, even as a teenager, you thought you would get away with your friends seeing you playing it. They wanted to join in too.

Very few games had such a great soundtrack at the time which always helped gameplay enjoyment.

Have a listen....

And of course in 2017 they landed once more and were Back in the Groove. 

How music has progressed but the spirit of these alien dudes continues to this day.

We really did love the original and that was and will remain part of our journey.

Moving up in to the early 1990s for Level 3, may seem a little early but it was a time when new versions of mid 80s classics were coming to market and an array of new games was needed.

Toe Jam and Earl just added to the journey and had to be part of #KeepingTheGameAlive

It is also the time of year when we get in the mood for Music Festivals and I know who I would like with me.

A Rapmaster and a Funklord!

Finally, thanks to the team at HumaNature for engaging with us on sharing our retrogaming journey this weekend for their Telethon.

Make sure you are watching it.. We guarantee it will be both SUPER and FUNKY! 12 NOON PST Sunday!

It is all wonderfully #KeepingTheGameAlive. Don't you think?



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