We had just started playing computer games and the Vectrex was one of those devices that we dabbled with. And boy did we love it. We may not have owned one but we certainly borrowed one from friends. 

It was 1982 and there were many special interactive products coming on to the market. This certainly was one of them. 

The colours, graphics and sounds were epic and we couldn't get enough of them. 

Scramble was the first game we played along with others on the Vectrex and it was a game we continued to play on other hardware platforms as well over the years.

Our Tee design is inspired by multiple elements of the Vectrex experiences from the hardware itself to the cartridges and graphics.

Enjoy this video of Scramble on the Vextrex and perhaps buy the Tee and continue the journey with us #KeepingTheGameAlive.

Please note, every Tee we sell contributes to games industry mental health charity Safe In Our World.


And here is the design. Our first Vectrex Tee.

Vectrex Tee by Seven Squared

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