There are few #retrogaming characters that we can call "adorable". But with this one, we are going to. 

Are Moles adorable? To some people they most certainly are. This little guy however was loved by many. Yes, he was. And we Wanted to play. 

It was 1984, which makes this another awesome 35th Anniversary Tee release from the journey. There have been a few now. 

Whether you played the flip screen ZX Spectrum version or the side scrolling C64 one, it was really quite fun.

The timing of the game was also spot on as it was inspired by the great British mining strike of 1984 which went in to 1985. 

There weren't that many characters of the time who had the character that Monty had. I mean, look at that face! And that shovel... 

The original game also won Crash magazine's readers award for best platform game in 1984. 

The reaction to this Tee design has been amazing so, now is a good time to buy the Tee and continue on the journey with us #KeepingThGameAlive

Add our Monty Mole Tee to your journey today. 

 Anyway, enjoy a walkthrough the mines from the ZX Spectrum version:

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