When you play Xenon, you will be asked what you want to buy.

Naturally Ice Cream of course, but we cannot print Ice Cream.

What we can print are test runs for necessary Tee sampling and we thought we would share some of this work with you.

The excitement level of this is so high and we cannot wait for you to get more involved and get your hands on your favourites.

We will be taking official orders as soon as we feel we are ready.

There are many boxes to tick and we want to be as ready as possible wen we go "live".

So, here is a first look at some of our designs going through a sample printing process. We hope you like them.

There is always something special about seeing a sample of a great design make it's way on to a Tee. Don't you agree?

These exclusive limited edition new designs for Bitmap Brothers greats are just the beginning.

Thanks to everyone for their engagement and support on social media to date and remember to become a Seven Squared VIP to learn more faster.

There will be benefits of registering and thanks to those that have already registered.

#xenon #speedball #bitmapbrothers

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