When we look back at the journey playing computer games across many years, there are going to be some iconic characters that we come across during our conversations. 

Well, one of these, which we had to bring in to this for the Winter, is Horace and the 1982 ZX spectrum classic when he Goes Skiing.

Skiing is Winter and Winter is Horace. Right?

How the idea for the game was developed is beyond us but it was right for the time. Strangely enough, the gameplay always came to mind when crossing a road on a skiing holiday. Still does to this day...


Because you had to navigate across a busy road, get your skis on and then navigate the course.

We played the game on the C64 but it was also available on the ZX Spectrum, and Dragon 32. 

In 2017, the game placed on Eurogamer's "10 games that defined the ZX Spectrum" list (Thanks to Wiki for that snippet of information). 

Anyway, we really are populating the journey we had through our Tees now and it is great to have you along for the journey with us #KeepingTheGameAlive..

Make sure you jump on these designs when you can. They are ALL Officially Licensed but they may not be around forever... Hmmm..

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